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In The Land Of Missing Persons – Two Families, Two Bodies, And a Wilderness of Secrets March 18, 2016 -
My story about missing persons in Alaska, in the April 2016 issue of The Atlantic. Dedicated to Dolly, Heidi, Leon, Jane and Leroy — the people left behind, resilient souls all. Read the story here. MissingPersons
Restorative narrative January 8, 2015 -

As a writer and journalist, do I cultivate a sense of hope or hopelessness in readers? Journalist Mallary Jean Tenore and I discuss the idea of Restorative Narrative. Check it out.

Q&A with the Maynard Institute November 9, 2014 -
Q: Your book “Little Big Man: In Search of My Asian Self” has gotten wonderful reviews. What do you most want readers to get from your book?

A: I think it depends on the reader. If you feel like an outsider, one thing to take away is that you’re really not alone even if it feels that way, that you’re actually in good company. And whatever state you’re in today will not last forever. One of my favorite lines from the movie 127 Hours — about a young man who’s pinned by a boulder — is “Everything is moving all the time.” It refers to rocks and geological formations, but it’s also true of emotional and developmental states. It’s also true of geopolitics and history, and this is one of the themes of Big Little Man. Read the full Q&A here. Maynard