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Rotten Fish Tales: A radical form of coal mining wreaks havoc in Appalachia
November 1, 2008
It had been years since he laid eyes on it. Longer still since he held it in his hand, the old walleye lure his uncle had given him more than 55 years ago. Franklin Phillips refused to store it among the other fishing plugs in his tackle box. This one he kept in an empty jar, like a display case. (Read more...)

Seeking UFOs From Deep Underground
March 28, 2008
HARRINGTON, Washington – "That door," he says with dramatic pause. "That door weighs 4,000 pounds. It's been reinforced to withstand a nuclear blast." (Read more...)

A Vibrant Sound Is Now Dead Silent
February 27, 2008
CORDOVA, Alaska – By way of telling his story, and the story of this fishing village, Mike Maxwell — born, raised and hoping to die here — wants to talk about what happened to the herring. They were the little kings of the sea in these parts. They ran so thick in Prince William Sound that some days, it was said, you could walk on the water stepping on their silvery-blue backs. When the Exxon Valdez spilled its oil in March 1989, the world saw images of blackened seabirds and otters and seals, of bloated whale carcasses and once-pristine beaches covered with crude. Hardly anything was said about the herring. (Read more...)

Driving in Circles on the Tundra: Bethel, Alaska: 93 Cabbies and 10 miles of Road
November 30, 2007
A tiny round-faced woman stands in a field of ice, a solitary figure in the tundra, waiting for a ride. From one hand dangles several plastic grocery bags. With her free hand, she flicks a finger as if inscribing a single scratch in the air, an almost imperceptible gesture. A taxicab appears from a cloud of mist. It is an old, white Chevy, so splattered with mud there is hardly any white to see. On the roof glows a green sign that reads "Kusko." (Read more...)

The Battle for Kauai: Locals Say No To The Superferry
October 8, 2007
October 8, 2007 By Alex Tizon LIHUE, Hawaii – The woman in the sun hat wants to crack someone in the jaw. It’s been a bad day. Actually, for Kaiulani Huff, it’s been a bad few decades. She has watched as her home, the island of Kauai, changed from a wild garden of secret places […] (Read more...)

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